Natasha Koroleva reduced the chest

Natasha Koroleva reduced the chestSinger Natasha Koroleva almost reduced her breast size is one size. Such an idea had occurred to her after the birth.Then she recovered, and then lost weight dramatically. "And I wasn't happy with my appearance," admitted Natasha in interview to the newspaper "Today". - So I decided something for themselves to reduce size. And began to collect information on this issue, even signed up for a consultation with one of our leading plastic surgeon.He looked up and said, "Dear one, you're not going to do! First, I see that you are not ready. Secondly, do not see the need to do something, especially to reduce. Читать полностью -->

Doctors have told the truth about the disease Kirkorov

Doctors have told the truth about the disease KirkorovAbout a mysterious illness Philip Kirkorov, who last week suddenly began to go to doctors, very little was known. The most "knowledgeable" gossip says about the terrible disease - cancer of the lymph nodes.More reasonable in no hurry "to bury" Kirkorov and called to see his tour schedule - a cancer patient people will not travel with concerts on the black sea coast. Philip Kirkorov was probably so confused by risen hype that preferred to keep silent.So the other day the doctors themselves told, for whatever reason, the artist needed medical assistance, and even in a cancer center on Kashirke.Head of the Department of chemotherapy, Professor Michael Lichinitser volunteered to talk to the media."Come, I will tell you the truth about what did we say," said the doctor. According to the Express newspaper", in a personal meeting specialist told: no cancer Kirkorov has not. Diagnosis the artist has much less serious."I know Kirkorov 17 years and with Alla Pugacheva familiar," said Mikhail Romanovich. - That time when you met Philip in our cancer center, he came to do research on magnetic resonance - he had problems with the neck. Читать полностью -->

The In Touch magazine chose celebrity with perfect Breasts

The In Touch magazine chose celebrity with perfect Breasts The famous American magazine "In Touch" has published the list of the best busts of Hollywood. His readers gave first place to the singer Jessica Simpson.Pop star overtook in this list many recognized beauties "dream Factory" and was awarded the title of "the Most luxurious bosom of Hollywood." Moreover, the results of the survey were that famous blonde Jessica has left behind not only many favourites Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer aniston, but actress Megan Fox, who recently took first place in the list of 100 sexiest women in the world according to the results of the online voting on the website of another popular magazine "FHM".Also in the top ten included Carmen Electra, Lindsay Lohan, Katherine Heigl, Audrina Patridge and Beyonce Knowles.Thus, the ten owners of the "right" breast in Hollywood looks like this:1. Jessica Simpson2. Tyra Banks3. Scarlett Johansson4. Carmen Electra5. Читать полностью -->

Lesbians chose the sexiest stars

Lesbians chose the sexiest stars Raise six children at once, apparently, had a negative impact on angelina Jolie, previously easily won the title of most sexy women.This time the actress was not even in the top ten ranking of the most sexy Actresses, compiled on the basis of voting lesbians.According to the results of the online survey, in which took part more than 4 thousand lesbian, first place was won by the star of the movie "the Mummy" Rachel Weitz.Second and third places were shared by Nicole Kidman and Minnie Driver.Also in the Top 10 most desirable Actresses included Kate Winslet, Naomi watts, keira Knightley, Thandie Newton, Emily blunt, Catherine Zeta-Jones and cate Blanchett. Source: Lesbians chose the sexiest stars (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Found the stolen paintings by Renoir and Monet

Found the stolen paintings by Renoir and MonetItalian police found a painting by Renoir stolen from a private collection in 1975, reported on Saturday, September 27, Reuters.Painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, value of 735 thousand dollars, was found after police arrested on the border with Austria three smugglers, evacuation of works of art.Also discovered was a Monet painting stolen from the same collection. The perpetrators were two men have already come into the view of guards of the law and 68-year-old owner of an art gallery.Unfortunately, the fabric will not be able to return to their former owner, as he was already gone. Apparently, they will be transferred to the heirs.The names of the paintings, and the year of their creation, have not been disclosed. Meanwhile, according to the international Art Loss Register in the search is more than a hundred paintings of Renoir. Source: Detected stolen paintings by Renoir and Monet. . Читать полностью -->

Eva Mendes told about their intimate sins

Eva Mendes told about their intimate sinsAmong Hollywood beauties appeared a new trend is to admit the public sins in his wild youth.Here and hot latina Eva Mendes could not resist and said, that was making love in the 50 States of America, writes The Sun.However, eve immediately stressed that lovers was much less 50. "I had sex in 50 different States. The greater part came at a time when I, being somewhat younger, went on a journey across the United States.". . . . Читать полностью -->

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