Megan Fox wants a relationship with a girl

Megan Fox wants a relationship with a girlSexy star of Transformera" Megan Fox undressed for men's magazine GQ. However, the naked body is nothing new in the world of show business now two modes: on Russian and lesbians.Then the sexiest woman in the world has in the Arsenal of an army of fans-men, decided on a shocking statement: in the age of 18 she fell in love with a Russian stripper named Nikita, writes The Sun.As it turned out, Megan had been lusting after the dancer after she threw the young man. "That year my boyfriend dumped me and I decided - Oh my God! - I fell in love with a girl who worked in a strip club the Body Shop. She was a stripper and her name was Nikita. About these beautiful slow dances to ballads Aerosmith - shared actra.Now Megan meets a legend of the Beverly Hills 90210 actor Brian Austin green. And despite a sensational statement, she says that she does not suffer from homosexuality."Look, I'm not a lesbian," explained the actress. - I just think that people are born with the ability to attract both sexes. Sometimes I dream about a relationship with a girl. There is nothing reprehensible. For example, Olivia Wilde, she's so sexy..." Source: Megan Fox wants a relationship with a girl.

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